10 Things For Students To Be Thankful For

It’s here, the time where people are expressing their true gratitude for their family, friends, and circumstances. As students, there are a variety of things that deserve your gratitude, so take a look and reflect on things you can be grateful for always. 

  1. Family – This can be your sister, brother, mother, father or even those who aren’t blood related but feel just as close as true family. Remember how these people have helped you through hard times, given support, comforted and just brought a smile to your face.images
  2. Friends – The bonds created between friends is unlike anything else, it’s someone you adopt as a lifelong relationship that you truly enjoy being with. From times to catching up, eating out, or a memorable conversation or just being around them. Don’t forget that we all need friends to help us through this life so don’t take them for granted.images-1
  3. School – While some may be thinking school shouldn’t have made the cut, let’s be honest everyone realizes how important education is to propelling us in life! Think if you never had to go to school how would you learn to read, do math, or know what you excel at. Granted school can be difficult and uninteresting at times but without it we all would be lost in our own laziness.
  4. Your Talents – Every single person has something that they are wonderful at or have serious knack for. This can range from talents such as writing, singing, speaking, athletics, and much more! It’s important to take a step back and recognize what you’re truly talented at and appreciate it. A lot of the time your talents can lead to an awesome career path! 
  5. The Seasons – Think how wonderful it is to be able to experience the warmth of the sun during the summer months and yes, even the snow during the winter months.  How boring it would be if every month was the same without variation, the same sunny day with no rain, no wind, no beautiful falling leaves! 
  6. Opportunity – This word is something that all of us are given, whether we see it or not. There is opportunity to choose what field of study to go into, to engage in clubs or organizations, meet certain people whatever it may be opportunity is plentiful. Make sure to appreciate and take hold of the opportunities available to you!  images-8
  7. Teachers – Teachers are such a BIG part of your life (especially the first 18-22 years!).  They provide students with the tools to succeed, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Think of that one (or many) teacher(s) who has guided you along the way, helped you get through a tough subject, or even spent extra time with you. They are truly amazing people to be thankful for! imgres-5
  8. Mentors – Mentors can range from coaches, teachers, parents, or a grandparent! No matter what title they hold they have a deep care and concern for your well being. Employing their wisdom and telling their experiences to make your life that much better. Take time to recognize and thank those who want to see you do well and help you get there.imgres-6
  9. The Little Moments – Life gets busy and it’s easy to lose sight of the little moments that are so important.  We urge everyone to take time to see the laughter a joke caused or the deep conversation that helped someone through something. These little moments and memories help make us cherish the life we have! images-10
  10. Love – It is much more than just a four letter word to express a deep concern and care for a person. It is much more than the time spent together helping someone get through a difficult situation. It surrounds us every day in life! Take time to show love to those around you and allow love to help you see the good in all situations! 

This season with the turkeys, family gatherings, and bustle of the people around it is so easy to forget all that we have or cherish. Therefore, take time to think about what you’re truly grateful for and show that gratitude in actions and words! 

We’re always grateful for you!! Happy Thanksgiving from the GoEnnounce Team!



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