10 Questions to Consider Before Choosing a College


 Over the next new months, colleges will begin sending out their acceptance and rejection letters. While some students already have a number one choice in mind, you might be feeling a little confused about which school you should attend—especially if you get accepted to multiple schools. We’ve picked out 10 questions you should ask yourself which might help you make your decision.

1. Did I feel comfortable on my campus visit; can I picture myself there

2. Does this school have a program that fits my interests and goals?

3. Is the size of the student body best for my needs?

4. Can I afford this school; Is my financial aid package enough?

5. Is this school in a city I’ll feel comfortable in?

6. Does this school have the extracurricular activities that interest me?

7. Will I be able to find internships and other work opportunities to push my career forward?

8. Am I happy with the professors and staff that I met on my campus visit or through research?

9. Does the quality of life seem like the right fit for the next four years?

10. What is my gut reaction to the school?

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Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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