10 Must Have Gadgets For College

For all the incoming college freshman out there – It’s time to start thinking about all those techie gadgets you’ll want to make sure are packed in your U-HAUL heading to school! Here’s a list we’ve curated that covers all the hot tech items EVERY college freshman could want or even need!

1. JamBox

Music is a huge deal at college and being able to jam out with friends is important. Having awesome speakers can help you make friends as well as just let you dance your stress away in your dorm room. A JamBox is one of the best wireless speakers you can buy. Using bluetooth or an auxiliary cable you can connect almost any device. You can even enter to win one here!

2. Headphones

Headphones are great for those long walks to class or listening to music while your roommate is trying to sleep. Getting a good pair of headphones will let you have your own personal concert. One of the best you can currently buy for the value are the Audio-Technica ATH-M30’s. If you prefer earbuds instead, we recommend the Monoprice 108320 Earbuds.

 3. Coffee Maker

You may not drink coffee now, but you sure will after a semester at college. Constantly going to your school’s local starbucks can get expensive. However, if you bring your own coffee maker, you will always be able to get your fix without the pricetag. Keurig’s are our favorite and you can now even customize them with your own school’s logo!

4. Portable Hard Drive/Flash Drive

College is full of papers and powerpoints that will take up space on your computer’s hard drive. Add music and movies to that and you are probably going to run out of space on your computer in no time! Having a portable hard drive or flash drive can help you free up space as well as transport digital docs a lot easier. The one that we recommend is the Seagate Backup Plus.

5. Tablet/iPad

Taking notes in class is essential to doing well in college. Keeping all of your notes organized and available however, can be hard. With a tablet or iPad, you can take notes and save them so you always know where they are and easily print copies at anytime. The iPad Air is one of the best tablets around but if you’re on a budget you might want to check out the Nexus 7!

6. Fitbit/Nike Fuel Band

Don’t want to gain the freshman 15? Try hitting the gym with a Fitbit or Nike Fuel band. These are wrist straps which connect to your phone or tablet and can you help make sure you are getting the best workout possible.

7. Apple TV/Chromecast

iTunes and Google Play have almost every movie you could ever want, so having a movie night with friends is super easy. Especially with Apple TV or Chromecast, where you can wirelessly watch those movies on your TV!

8. HDMI Cable

If you don’t want to mess with the wireless stuff for watching movies or Youtube, having a HDMI cable that can plug into your laptop is an easy solution!  This will make your TV a giant screen for your computer! This HDMI cord from Amazon is a good length and a great price!

9. Printer

In college you’re going to need constant access to a printer. Although your school might have printing available in the library, when you finish a paper at 3:25 for your 3:30 class you probably won’t have time to swing by the library. Having your own printer can be so helpful and convenient especially in these moments of procrastination! We recommend the Epson XP-410.

10. Retro/Pop Phone

Although you will be away from home when you go off to college, parents and other family members will still want to talk to you all the time.  Although you might get some weird looks from your roommate, a pop phone will make long phone calls easier and more comfortable. You can grab a good one off of Amazon here!

Happy “ennouncing”!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce


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